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Why Paul Pogba could be key to Jadon Sancho joining Juventus

Juventus eyes Jadon Sancho amidst escalating tensions with coach Erik ten Hag, but his hefty salary and interest from other Premier League giants complicate the move, but Paul Pogba could help Juventus.

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Tensions between Manchester United’s Jadon Sancho and head coach Erik ten Hag made headlines. Following Sancho’s exclusion from the squad against Premier League competitors Arsenal, speculations about his future at Old Trafford have been rife.

The England winger asserted that he’s been unfairly targeted following Ten Hag’s comments about his unsatisfactory training performance. With the coach demanding an apology as a condition for his return, the possibility of reconciliation seems dim.

The spotlight has now shifted to potential destinations for Sancho. While there’s buzz about a possible reunion with his former club, Borussia Dortmund, the real scoop comes from Italian correspondent Rudy Galetti. In his column for Tribal Football, Galetti disclosed, “Jadon Sancho is keen on making an early exit from Manchester United come January. Several European clubs have set their sights on him, with Juventus being one of the keen observers.”

Juventus sees immense potential in Sancho’s prowess, but the player’s hefty salary poses a challenge. As Galetti elaborates, “Certainly, the prospect of Sancho joining Serie A is tantalising. However, his annual salary of 20 million euros seems a bridge too far for Juventus. The club might need the player to consider a wage cut to pave the way for a potential deal.”

Intriguingly, Galetti hints at the potential influence of Paul Pogba’s situation on this transfer saga. He added, “If Pogba’s situation eases up on the financial front for Juventus, there’s a possibility they might enhance their offer. However, they’d need Manchester United’s support, possibly in the form of sharing his salary. Juventus is thus considering proposing a loan arrangement.”

But it’s not just Juventus in the fray. Galetti emphasised the heated competition for Sancho, noting, “Juventus isn’t the sole contender here. At least two major Premier League teams are also keeping tabs on Sancho’s unfolding situation. This transfer tale is bound to get even more riveting in the upcoming weeks.”

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