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Man Utd plan to re-sign David de Gea back on free transfer three months after releasing the legend

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Manchester United are planning on re-signing David de Gea on a short term contract, as per Neil Custis from The Sun.

Per the details shared by The Sun, the club is apprehensive about a potential shortage in the goalkeeping department when Andre Onana, the chosen successor to De Gea’s role, participates in the Africa Cup of Nations early next year.

Manchester United was taken aback when Onana reversed his decision to retire from international football. Afcon, scheduled from January 13 to February 11, could see the new £43.8 million signee miss up to eight games for the club.

This unforeseen circumstance has led Manchester United to reconsider their previous decision and contemplate offering De Gea, who parted ways with the club this summer, a short-term contract. The 32-year-old Spanish goalkeeper has not played for any other team since his departure and had dedicated a dozen years to the Old Trafford side.

Originally, De Gea was given the option to stay, albeit with a significant reduction in his weekly wages—from £375,000 to £200,000. However, this deal was eventually rescinded.

In an astonishing move, reports indicate that United also requested De Gea to delay any commitments to other clubs until Onana’s transfer was complete. This request was viewed by many as an unjust treatment towards the club’s longest-serving goalkeeper and recent Premier League Golden Glove winner.

Following the acquisition of Altay Bayindir from Fenerbahce for a fee of £4.3m, and with Tom Heaton being the only other available goalkeeper during the Afcon tournament, the club’s options are limited.

Club captain Bruno Fernandes, who recently had a reunion with De Gea in Manchester, openly expressed his sorrow over the fact that the goalkeeper didn’t receive the farewell he deserved. A short-term deal could potentially address this issue, giving De Gea the send-off he merits.

While there are voices suggesting that Manchester United should have held onto De Gea, especially in light of Onana’s fluctuating performance, the 27-year-old former Inter Milan star did play a crucial role in a recent match. His injury-time penalty save secured a 1-0 victory for United in the Champions League clash against Copenhagen.

However, it’s important to note that the information comes from Neil Custis of The Sun, a source that has had its reliability questioned in the past. Manchester United fans are advised to await confirmation from more dependable sources before considering this news as fact.

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