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Five things learned as Manchester United narrowly beat Copenhagen 1-0 in the Champions League

Manchester United honored Sir Bobby Charlton with a heartening tribute, experienced a dramatic turn of events with Harry Maguire’s unexpected heroism, and saw Andre Onana’s redeeming save.

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Underneath the glimmering lights, Manchester United’s journey at Old Trafford transformed into an ode to Sir Bobby Charlton, culminating in an unlikely hero narrative.

Before the game commenced, an emotional tribute unfolded as players, fans, and coaching staff united to celebrate the legacy of Sir Bobby Charlton, setting the stage for a night to remember against Copenhagen. However, Erik ten Hag’s squad found themselves grappling to gain control, and the 0-0 deadlock at 72 minutes could have tilted in Copenhagen’s favor, had it not been for Cupido Goncalves striking the woodwork and a superb save from Andre Onana thwarting Lukas Lerager.

In a twist of fate, it was Maguire who emerged as the hero. His powerful header from Christian Eriksen’s cross secured a much-needed lead for United, reigniting hopes in their Champions League campaign when it seemed like all was lost.

Here, we delve into the five key takeaways from the night at Old Trafford.

Paying Homage to Sir Bobby

Old Trafford was steeped in emotion as it paid tribute to Sir Bobby Charlton. By 6pm, when the turnstiles swung open, fans had already adorned the ‘Best, Law and Charlton’ statue with heartfelt messages, flowers, and memorabilia. In the director’s box, a wreath was laid out in Sir Bobby’s memory.

Erik ten Hag, alongside Alex Stepney and Dan Gore of the Under 19s squad, walked out to a lone piper’s tune in a solemn ceremony reminiscent of the 1994 tribute to Sir Matt Busby. The stadium held a moment of silence, soon broken by chants of ‘There’s only one Bobby Charlton’ filling the air.

And truly, there will never be another like him.

Maguire’s Defining Moment

Though Christian Eriksen played a crucial role in creating the goal, it was Maguire who captured the spotlight. Facing immense criticism throughout the season, he had recently been named player of the match in their previous game at Bramall Lane. This night, he followed it up with a potentially pivotal goal for United’s European campaign.

Despite the scrutiny, Maguire, backed by his mother and England’s manager, showcased immense strength of character. The goal stood after a nail-biting VAR check confirmed he was just onside.

Amrabat Struggles to Find Rhythm

Consigned to an unfamiliar role at left-back since his loan move from Fiorentina, Amrabat was finally positioned in his preferred midfield role. Despite this, he seemed off pace, losing possession early on and nearly causing a goal. Opponents noticed his vulnerability, with Viktor Claesson repeatedly pressuring him.

While his passing range was evident when he had time, the intensity of European and Premier League play proved a challenge, leading to his substitution at half-time for Eriksen.

Onana’s Redemption

Andre Onana may well have turned his Manchester United career around with a crucial save during the match. With Jordan Larsson poised to score, Onana’s exceptional reflexes kept United in the game. The save not only prevented a goal but transformed the atmosphere at Old Trafford from tense silence to roaring support.

Maguire and Onana, both previously under scrutiny, walked off the pitch together at full-time, having delivered when their team needed them most.

Examining Ten Hag’s Tactics

Erik ten Hag’s strategy and vision have been under intense scrutiny, as United’s wins continue to rely on moments of individual brilliance. Opting not to start Mason Mount or Christian Eriksen raised eyebrows, as Scott McTominay’s performance lacked impact on both ends of the pitch. His near-costly penalty concession in the final moments further highlighted the team’s issues.

The squad seems to lack cohesion and a clear style of play, casting Ten Hag’s tactical approach in doubt. While the players must shoulder most blame, the spotlight is undoubtedly on Ten Hag to imprint his footballing philosophy on the team and turn the season around.

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