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What Jude Bellingham really called Mason Greenwood has been revealed

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In the latest twist to a story that has captured the attention of football fans worldwide, MailOnline has enlisted the expertise of Jeremy Freeman, a renowned forensic lip-reader, to shed light on the words exchanged between Jude Bellingham and Mason Greenwood during a recent La Liga match.

The moment, caught on camera, showed Bellingham uttering a phrase towards the on-loan Manchester United striker right after a tackle, with his accent unmistakably from Birmingham.

The speculation has been rife regarding the brief exchange, leading to intense scrutiny and debate among fans and media alike. Stepping in to provide clarity, Jeremy Freeman was tasked by MailOnline to analyse the footage and deliver his professional judgment on the matter.

Freeman’s findings are now public. With a high degree of certainty, he states, “After carefully analysing the clip, I am 97 per cent confident that the spoken word is ‘rapist,’ particularly when considering the context in which it was used.” This statement aligns with the initial suspicions of many who watched the video, confirming the nature of Bellingham’s words towards Greenwood.

The revelation, prominently featured at the top of MailOnline’s football homepage, confirms the accuracy of the widespread speculation about the incident. Despite the involvement of an expert to confirm the dialogue, it turns out that the conclusion reached by Freeman merely echoes the public’s initial impressions of the exchange.

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