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Victor Osimhen drops possible Manchester United and Chelsea transfer hint

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Image Credits: Getty Images

Victor Osimhen, the Napoli striker and Nigerian international, has revealed that he possesses two Premier League team jerseys – those of Manchester United and Chelsea.

This revelation comes amidst his successful stint in Italy’s Serie A, where his performances have consistently drawn attention from English clubs. Osimhen’s collection hints at a potential inclination towards these clubs should a transfer opportunity to the Premier League arise.

The interest in Osimhen is not one-sided. Noted football journalist Fabrizio Romano has recently mentioned Chelsea’s admiration for the striker. This development is likely to be well-received by fans at Stamford Bridge. Similarly, Manchester United supporters might find this news particularly intriguing, considering the club’s potential need for a high-profile striker.

However, Osimhen’s career decisions are not solely influenced by European football. He shared on John Obi Mikel’s podcast an instance where he was heavily courted by a club from Saudi Arabia. Osimhen said, “I don’t have a favourite PL team but I have two jerseys: Chelsea and Man United. Many friends of mine are Chelsea fans, few are Man Utd fans.”

Regarding the Saudi offer, he elaborated, “I never thought of [leaving in summer] at first. But when this huge offer came from a Saudi club it was tempting. It was a big one… I had three meetings and made up my mind to stick with the team. In August it was a huge decision for me to take. The more I said no to these people the more they increased their offer. It was literally like ‘wow’… they never gave up until the end of their transfer window.”

Osimhen’s commitment to his current team and his aspirations in European football were evident as he ultimately declined the lucrative offers from Saudi Arabia, despite their persistence.

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