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Update on Man Utd squad reaction to potential Mason Greenwood return

Greenwood has been suspended since January 2022, but it’s expected that his future will be clear before the new season

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With the new season underway, there’s a significant question mark still around the future of Mason Greenwood.

Greenwood has been suspended by the club since January 2022, when images were circulated online by his girlfriend accusing him of some serious allegations, with charges against him subsequently dropped.

With that in mind, it’s expected that his future will be clear before the new season.

Over the past few months, there have been conflicting reports over whether the current staff and players at the club would welcome Greenwood back into the fold – leaving fans speculating whether he has a future at the club or if he will need to leave to resurrect his career.

A new report from The Sun sheds some light on the situation, with the paper reporting that United’s players believe Mason Greenwood deserves a second chance at Old Trafford and would welcome his return to the side.

A source spoke to the paper and said, “All the players believe he deserves a second chance because he’s innocent in the eyes of the law.

“He didn’t have the opportunity to clear his name in court because the charges were dropped, so the players feel like he has been left in limbo.

“Some of the younger players came through the academy with him so there’s a loyalty to him’

“They know he’s made mistakes but the lads who’ve spoken to him say he’s grown up a lot in the past 18 months and will come back a lot wiser.”

Does this mean Greenwood will return to the side?

The club haven’t officially concluded their investigation on the player and it’s unclear whether they will take into consideration the thoughts and views of the playing side.

However, if Greenwood was worried about the reaction of his teammates it seems that he doesn’t much to be concerned about according to the source who spoke to The Sun.

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