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Update: Man Utd takeover still active as the Glazers are ‘very patient’

The latest update on ownership situation at Manchester United revealed by Mike Keegan.

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The ownership situation at Manchester United continues to hang in the balance.

The latest update, according to reports, suggests that the situation “remains ongoing,” leaving fans and stakeholders eagerly awaiting a resolution.

Daily Mail’s Kevin Keegan weighed in on the matter, stating, “The latest is that we’re approaching a year since the announcement and we still don’t have a conclusion.”

Keegan emphasized that he had checked in with individuals closely connected to the process on all sides, and their consensus is that the situation remains in limbo.

He also noted that the Glazer family, the current owners of Manchester United, are regarded as “very patient” individuals, known for their persistence in holding onto the club.

In a recent development, Manchester United unveiled its new primary shirt sponsor for the upcoming season: technology firm Qualcomm Snapdragon. While this partnership underscores the club’s enduring strength in the business world, Keegan suggests that it won’t significantly alter the dynamics of the ongoing takeover process.

“It won’t make a great deal of difference,” Keegan commented.

He went on to compare the new deal with previous shirt sponsorship agreements, highlighting that the Chevrolet deal, despite being regarded as overpriced, had a higher valuation.

Therefore, the Qualcomm Snapdragon sponsorship is not expected to trigger a substantial hike in the club’s sale price.

Furthermore, the decisions of previous shirt sponsors, including their willingness to walk away from their deals, are expected to factor into the ongoing takeover considerations.

As the ownership saga of one of football’s most storied clubs continues, United’s fans and stakeholders remain in a state of anticipation.

The Glazers’ patience, the club’s new sponsorship deal, and past sponsor actions are all pieces of the puzzle in a complex narrative that will ultimately determine the future custodians of the Red Devils.

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