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Tyrell Malacia return time has been revealed

Malacia’s recent absence is due to knee surgery, with the club not rushing his return given depth in the left-back position.

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Manchester United’s Tyrell Malacia has been absent from the pitch in recent times, a direct result of a knee operation, as detailed by Manchester Evening News.

The Dutch defender’s last appearance for the Red Devils dates back to their closing Premier League match of the previous season against Fulham at Old Trafford.

Malacia’s absence during the pre-season preparations now makes sense, as it’s been unveiled that a knee surgery kept him off the field.

The injury became evident towards the latter part of the last season. Manchester United initially tried to manage the discomfort with pain-relief injections before deciding surgery was the most prudent course of action.

Despite an impressive beginning to his tenure with United, the €22 million-valued Malacia faced challenges with maintaining form and delivering consistent performances in the latter half.

It’s plausible to suggest that his knee woes could’ve been a contributing factor. Observers noted that he seemed to lack his usual sharpness, particularly when retreating defensively in the latter stages of the season.

While there’s anticipation around Malacia’s return possibly before January, it’s essential to consider the player’s well-being and not rush his reintegration. Manchester United isn’t lacking options in that position.

With Sergio Reguilon brought in on loan as a temporary replacement and the Spaniard set to recover from a hamstring injury in time for the Sheffield United clash, and Luke Shaw’s expected return in November, United is in a position to allow Malacia ample time to fully recover and return to peak form.

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