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The Athletic reveal Manchester United players are growing ‘weary’ of Erik ten Hag

Questions have been asked of Ten Hag’s methods in 2023-24, due to poor performances on the pitch.

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Manchester United players are reportedly growing “weary” of Erik ten Hag repeating instructions during tactical sessions that sap concentration, according to a report by The Athletic.

At Manchester United, there’s a growing sense of frustration among players with coach Erik ten Hag’s method of conveying tactics, as per The Athletic’s report. The 2023-24 season has been challenging in terms of maintaining consistency for the team under the Dutch coach, who, despite securing the Carabao Cup in his first season, now sees the FA Cup as the sole opportunity for silverware this year.

Back in 2021, Tottenham had the chance to bring Ten Hag on board following Jose Mourinho’s departure but chose Nuno Espirito Santo instead, partly due to apprehensions about Ten Hag’s communication abilities.

Now, similar concerns are emerging at Manchester United. The Athletic indicates that some players are finding Ten Hag’s detailed and repetitive instructions tedious, even when the concepts are fairly simple or straightforward.

Sources familiar with the matter, who have chosen to remain anonymous, have conveyed to The Athletic that Ten Hag’s repetitive teaching style stems from his thorough approach, aiming to ensure all players fully comprehend his strategic nuances.

However, the impact of these methods appears to be mixed among United’s diverse squad, particularly during lengthier training sessions, which can approach an hour – resulting in players, many of whom also consider English to be a second language, losing concentration.

Ten Hag, who previously faced similar challenges regarding his communication and play style at Ajax, managed to win the support of Ajax fans with a string of successful outcomes and multiple trophies.

The big question remains whether he can replicate this success at Manchester United.


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  1. Tom

    January 23, 2024 at 6:30 pm

    This is poor sourcing. Which athletic writer wrote this ? What is the name of the article?

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