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Spanish journalists outline Mason Greenwood’s ‘response’ to the supposed derogatory comment made by Jude Bellingham

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In a recent match-up in Spain’s top football division, Mason Greenwood of Getafe and Jude Bellingham of Real Madrid were at the center of a controversy. The La Liga encounter saw Real Madrid secure a 2-0 victory against Getafe, with Joselu scoring both goals, pushing Real Madrid to lead the league standings, two points ahead of Girona.

The game, however, took a contentious turn due to an incident between Greenwood and Bellingham. Following a challenge from Bellingham on Greenwood during the second half, Bellingham was accused of making an offensive comment towards Greenwood, a claim that rapidly spread across social media platforms.

Despite the uproar on social media, it’s reported that Getafe and Greenwood are keen on not escalating the situation further.

Guillermo Rai reports that the message from inside Getafe is ‘what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch’.

Additionally, Jose Felix Diaz conveyed that Greenwood is not interested in creating any ‘fuss’, he does not want to amplify the situation with any further disputes about what Bellingham might have said during the game.

Nonetheless, despite Getafe’s and Greenwood’s intentions to downplay the event, La Liga has initiated an investigation following a formal complaint lodged by Getafe. The league has sought the assistance of a lip-reading expert to thoroughly examine the incident and ensure an appropriate response based on conclusive evidence.

This match marked the first confrontation between Greenwood and Bellingham in Spain since their respective transfers; Greenwood on a loan spell from Manchester United and Bellingham joining from Borussia Dortmund. Greenwood has made 18 league appearances this season, netting four goals. Bellingham, on the other hand, has had a standout season with Real Madrid, scoring 14 goals in 19 league appearances.

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