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Spanish journalist makes huge claim that Manchester United have approached elite manager to potentially replace Erik ten Hag

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The initial phases of the season haven’t been the smoothest for Erik ten Hag, intensifying the discussions around his role. Whispers of replacement are on the rise, especially as Sir Jim Ratcliffe is soon expected to step in, taking the reins of football operations due to his investment. This shift could pave the way for modifications in the football structure.

Despite these murmurs, a managerial shift doesn’t appear imminent. The club’s strong support for Ten Hag throughout the summer, combined with their evident satisfaction with his performance, implies stability for now.

However, intriguingly, rumours suggest that the club is exploring alternatives. This is substantiated by a report from El Chiringuito that suggests Carlo Ancelotti might be under consideration.

In an intriguing turn, El Chiringuito journalist Benjamin Lopez shared that Manchester United extended an offer to Ancelotti for a managerial role, should he opt to exit Real Madrid after this season. Ancelotti, now in the concluding phase of his Real Madrid contract, has been on Brazil’s radar. The Brazilian interest emerged following some setbacks in Qatar.

Ancelotti’s perspective? The renowned coach expressed interest in Brazil’s offer, yet highlighted his commitment to Madrid.

Lopez stated, “Ancelotti has two things decided about his future, one is that if they offer him a renewal he will remain at Madrid. Brazil can put whatever they want on the table, he will stay.”

Lopez further elaborated on Ancelotti’s options, revealing that apart from Brazil, he has an offer from the Canadian National Team, an attractive prospect considering Ancelotti’s personal ties to Canada.

Lopez mentioned, “He has a house in Vancouver and his wife is Canadian so he would be delighted with that.” Though Brazil seems preferable to Ancelotti over Canada, Manchester United’s offer, though not formalised in writing, has also reached him – as per El Chiringuito.

Lopez provides more clarity, saying, “The last is not an offer in writing but has been sent to him verbally through his agent, it’s from the Premier League and Manchester United. They would take him tomorrow.”

However, Ancelotti’s inclination remains clear. He’s not seeking a Premier League comeback with any team. While Brazil seems a favorable option, his primary desire is to extend his Madrid journey, dependent on how this season unfolds.

While absorbing these revelations, it’s crucial to remember El Chiringuito’s alignment towards Real Madrid. Their emphasis on Ancelotti’s inclination to remain with Los Blancos could be seen in this light.

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