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Sir Jim Ratcliffe comments on Manchester United bid

The British businessman appeared to take slight digs at both the Glazers and Sheikh Jassim.

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Whether the Glazers sell the club soon or not, it’s clear that the two main parties interested in buying the club are not losing interest any time soon either.

Sheikh Jassim bin Hamal Al Thani and Sir Jim Ratcliffe are the two names that are considered most likely to take over the club if the Glazers do decide to sell.

For Sir Jim, he’s best known as the main behind the INEOS business and the public face of the bid for the club from his group.

The British businessman was talking to the INEOS’ YouTube channel and talked about the bid and potential takeover, while appearing to take slight digs at both the Glazers and Sheikh Jassim.

‘You know the Manchester United bid would have been unthinkable two or three years ago if we hadn’t some some of the experiences, and quite a few of them difficult experiences with Lausanne and then Nice.

“You can’t really contemplate acquiring a brand like Manchester United and failing because the failure is just a far too public and far too excruciating failure in a deal like that really,” said Sir Jim.

Some interesting comments from Sir Jim there.

If you read between the lines, his only two sentences related to Manchester United in the near 20 minute video seemed to address both Sheikh Jassim and the Glazers.

In the first sentence, he seems to imply that you need football experience, specifically learning from the mistakes of failed football experience, to know how to elevate a brand like Manchester United – something that clearly Sheikh Jassim does not have.

And then he seems to be sending a message to the Glazers in the second, that their failure with the MUFC brand is a really public failure and they should move on because it’s becoming excruciating.

Or are we just reading too much into it?

Either way, it’s interesting that the INEOS leadership would upload and share a video with public comments on the Manchester United bid while the whole process is still in a state of limbo.

Whether this public statement on the matter will have any effect on the Glazers’ view of the INEOS bid remains to be seen. For now, it seems that Sir Jim wants to make it clear that they have both the interest and experience to be the people running Manchester United next.

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