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Sheikh Jassim Receives Huge Boost as Glazers Execute Dramatic Reversal in Man Utd Takeover

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Sheikh Jassim’s prospects of Manchester United acquisition have skyrocketed as Glazer Family finds common ground on club’s sale, reports Mirror Football.

Previous concerns had surfaced regarding potential disagreements within the Glazer family concerning the sale of Manchester United, particularly between Avram and Joel, who were thought to be at odds with their siblings due to their closer ties to the club.

Their preference leaned toward an option involving an external investor acquiring a stake in the club to support substantial capital projects such as the redevelopment of Old Trafford stadium and Carrington training ground. Nonetheless, it appears that unity has now been achieved in relation to the sale, indicating a shift toward an imminent change in ownership.

The Qatari bid appears to have a logistical edge, given their clear intention of a full club sale without any interim period or shared control. While not a conclusive breakthrough, this development is poised to expedite a process that has endured for over seven months and spanned more than 200 days.


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