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Sheikh Jassim Manchester United takeover update

Manchester United’s ownership saga heats up as Sheikh Jassim remains firm on a full buyout, challenging the Glazers’ £6bn valuation.

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The ongoing saga surrounding the potential takeover of Manchester United continues to be a hot topic among football fans worldwide. Despite it being nearly a year since the Glazers declared their intent to sell the iconic club, the future ownership remains uncertain.

The Glazers’ intention of auctioning Manchester United for an impressive £6bn has caught the attention of numerous investors. Among the suitors, Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani and INEOS chairman Sir Jim Ratcliffe emerge as the standout contenders. Both have shown a keen interest, but their plans for the club post-acquisition differ significantly.

A recent report by *The Times* has thrown light on Sheikh Jassim’s resolute stance. He remains firm with his £5bn proposal to purchase Manchester United from the Glazers. Notably, this comes short of the £6bn valuation set by the Glazers for the club.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, on the other hand, switched gears lately. Information has surfaced suggesting he’s pondering over a potential £1.5bn offer for a quarter share in the club. This proposition, if accepted, would see the Glazers retaining control at Old Trafford. However, sources have relayed that this move might be seen by Sheikh Jassim and his Qatari counterparts as a strategy to push them closer to the Glazers’ desired valuation.

Several variables influence the hesitation behind Sheikh Jassim’s reluctance to meet the Glazers’ price tag. The club’s recent underwhelming performance under ten Hag, marked by significant losses in key matches against the likes of Bayern Munich and Galatasaray, has inevitably lessened the allure of the club. This is further compounded by the £1bn debt burdening the club, and the pressing need for refurbishments at both Old Trafford and United’s Carrington training ground. The infrastructural standards of these facilities now lag behind Premier League rivals, notably Manchester City and Liverpool.

Recently, whispers began circulating, fueled by a *Daily Mail* report, that Manchester United might be withdrawn from sale, with a potential 2025 sell-date in the cards. Yet, Ben Jacobs, in his interaction with GIVEMESPORT, contradicted this. He assured fans that his sources affirmed that the takeover discussions are very much alive.

In a candid conversation with GIVEMESPORT, Jacobs declared, “Sheikh Jassim is still committed to a full buyout of Manchester United, which means 100% of the club, including the Glazers’ share. He will not budge on that. It’s an all-or-nothing bid. There’s no scenario where the Nine Two Foundation and Sheikh Jassim would entertain staying on course for Manchester United if the Glazers want to stay. They don’t want any scenario where they’re a minority investor where the Glazers remain. They don’t want any scenario where they don’t have 100% of the club. That’s highly unlikely to change, and they’ve always been clear in that position. It’s just about whether or not they can agree on a price. And as a consequence, they may have to go higher, and ultimately eventually pay what it takes.”

As the twists and turns of this potential acquisition unfold, the global football community eagerly waits to see how the story develops.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kadir Muhaideen

    October 9, 2023 at 5:14 am

    Surely Sir Jim Ratcliffe is not stupid and he surely knows how much is needed to buy over Manchester United, so why does he want a minority stake and let the Glazers continue to raid from the club’s coffers. It really beggars belief, unless he is a crony of the Glazers to make the bid higher.
    Sheikh JASSIM is not a fool either. With every twist and turn the share price of the club fluctuates, so the if Glazers want to play this game, they will be the losers with no buyer wanting to indulge in this game anymore.

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