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Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani on the brink of a Manchester United takeover

Sheikh Jassim Man Utd takeover ‘very close’ nearly year after Glazers put club up for sale.

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In a recent update on the Manchester United ownership saga, sources indicate that Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani is inching closer to securing the club’s reins. Reports began to emerge last year, when the Glazer family, current owners of the club, hinted at exploring investment avenues, potentially leading to a sale.

Fast forward to today, and the battle for Manchester United’s majority stake seems to be concentrated between two prime contenders: Sheikh Jassim and British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe. Various American hedge funds also reportedly showed interest, but only for minority stakes.

While the Glazer siblings seem hesitant about parting with the club, especially co-chairmen Joel and Avram Glazer, developments over the past months paint an intriguing picture.

Sheikh Jassim, intent on gaining full control over Manchester United, has allegedly proposed a whopping £5 billion for the club. This amount, despite its enormity, falls short of the Glazers’ ambitious £6 billion valuation.

On the other hand, Sir Jim, who initially pitched a similar price for the majority stake, later reconsidered and scaled down his offer to £1.5 billion, targeting only a 25% stake. This revised proposition, suggesting a gradual takeover, seemingly aligns more with the Glazers’ preferences.

Nevertheless, speculations suggest that Sheikh Jassim may be on the cusp of sealing the deal. Qatari sports broadcaster, Alkass TV Sports, has alluded to Sheikh Jassim is on the brink of a Manchester United takeover.

Earlier this year, The Sun disclosed that discussions between Sheikh Jassim’s Nine Two Foundation and the Glazers might reach an agreement around mid-October, following their comprehensive assessment, amounting to the sought-after £6 billion.

Should these speculations hold water, Manchester United fans might hear official news about the club’s transition in the near future. However, owing to non-disclosure agreements inked by potential buyers, verified details remain scarce since both Sheikh Jassim and Ratcliffe publicized their interest.

But as the whispers from both Qatar and England grow louder, it seems Sheikh Jassim could be leading the race behind closed doors.

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