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Paul Pogba receives ‘shock’ offer to return to football

The contract would include ‘luxury’ accommodation, not shared with other players, in Odintsovo.

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According to a report by Tuttosport, reports that former Manchester United and current Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba has received a shocking offer to return to football, just weeks after his fresh 4-year-ban from football for doping.

According to the report, he has received an offer from a Russian celerity-hosted league team. The league is called Media Football League was formed in 2022, and it is made up of celebrities like actors, influencers and the likes.

The offer is from a team called Broke Boys, whose chief Artjom Chatjaturjan is serious about his interest in the World Cup winner.

“It may seem like a joke, but we called him.” He told Tuttosport.

“So far he has politely refused. He is in a desperate moment and needs time to accept it, Pogba is one of the best footballers in world and won’t be able to play for that long.” he added.

The club’s president has allegedly sent a letter to Pogba and his agent detailing out the terms of contract. They propose a salary of just 1167 pounds along with a set of benefits on the side were Pogba to accept the contract and move to Russia.

The contract would include ‘luxury’ accommodation, not shared with other players, in Odintsovo.

These reports add more uncertainty to the French midfielder’s future, as there are already rumours of him hanging up his boots if the appeal doesn’t go in his favour.

Pogba’s ban could be lifted or reduced if he can prove the banned substance was in his system by accident or contamination.

He still hasn’t given the full side of his story as he waits to be free of legal restrictions.

“When I am free of legal restrictions the full story will become clear, but I have never knowingly or deliberately taken any supplements that violate anti-doping regulations.

“As a professional athlete I would never do anything to enhance my performance by using banned substances,

“And have never disrespected or cheated fellow athletes and supporters of the teams I have played for, or against.” Pogba stated right after his ban.

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