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Newcastle reduces their £20m demand for Dan Ashworth, prompting a fresh offer from Manchester United

Negotiations are actively being pursued, with Darren Eales representing Newcastle in these discussions.

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Manchester United’s interest in Dan Ashworth has led to a reconsideration of the initially demanded compensation by Newcastle. Initially demanding a staggering £20 million for their sporting director on gardening leave, the Toon have moderated their asking price amidst ongoing negotiations.

Ashworth, expressing a strong desire to join Manchester United, found his aspirations met with what Sir Jim Ratcliffe termed “silly” valuation by Newcastle in a discourse last month. Despite this, dialogues have persisted, and a revelation from iNewsSport hints at a possible £9 million compromise being discussed by the involved entities.

Manchester United, however, “strongly rebutted” the suggested figure of £9m, reminiscing about the £3 million Newcastle expended to secure Ashworth from Brighton in 2022. They aim for a settlement much closer to that precedent, as per the report.

According to iNewsSport, negotiations are actively being pursued, with Darren Eales representing Newcastle in these discussions. Despite the efforts, a significant gap in valuation and terms for Ashworth’s transfer persists, leaving the deal in a state of flux.

Among the nuanced discussions, as per the report, a potential restriction on Manchester United’s ability to acquire Newcastle players for a specified duration post-Ashworth’s transition is on the table, yet unfinalised.

The ongoing talks, now flirting with figures below the £10 million mark, signal a progression likely influenced by Ratcliffe’s critical commentary.

Ashworth’s eventual move would mark his integration into United’s evolving INEOS structure, complementing new CEO Omar Berrada and fortifying the recruitment division alongside an anticipated Technical Director and a Head of Recruitment.

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