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More details emerge on Adidas’ sponsorship deal with United

According to Football Insider, there is a contract clause in the deal that could lower what United receive from Adidas.

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Image Credits: Manchester United Football Club

Just a few weeks ago, Manchester United announced a major sponsorship agreement with sports kit manufacturing giant Adidas.

The record breaking partnership will net United a whopping £900m over the course of the agreement.

With the deal running over 10 years, that works out to be £90m per season for The Red Devils.

However, according to Football Insider, there is a contract clause in the deal that could lower how much United receive from Adidas.

United’s previous agreement saw a 30% drop in payment from Adidas if United failed to qualify for the UEFA Champions League in successive years.

That clause has remained in this new agreement, according to the publication.

In real terms, the value of the Adidas sponsorship would drop to £63m if Erik Ten Hag’s men fail to qualify for the tournament for two seasons in a row – a reduction of £27m.

As United have already qualified for this season’s tournament, there’s no immediate risk of this happening for at least 3 years. However, if the team didn’t make Europe’s premier competition in 3 years time, this would result in a significant drop in money that could be spent on player recruitment and retention.

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