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Mark Goldbridge hits back at Marcus Rashford ‘malicious’ claim

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Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford has been the subject of criticism this season, having found the back of the net only once in Premier League play. Adding fuel to the fire, Rashford recently faced backlash for attending a nightclub following United’s 3-0 loss to Manchester City, despite the outing being a scheduled birthday celebration. Critics argued that opting for a low-key dinner would have been more suitable given the circumstances of that day.

Despite the controversy, Rashford’s commitment to United isn’t in question, as he signed a new deal with the club over the summer.

Drama arose when Rashford responded to a social media post by ‘The United Stand’, which suggested uncertainty about his future at the club, urging the fan channel to “stop spreading malicious rumours”.

Mark Goldbridge, the owner of the fan channel, asserted his position in a talkSPORT interview, justifying the channel’s commentary on Rashford’s underwhelming performance this season. Goldbridge insisted that the forward’s response was excessive and not characteristic of a “top player”.

“From our point of view, it’s simply about what is Marcus Rashford’s future at Manchester United,” Goldbridge stated on talkSPORT.

He highlighted Rashford’s significance in the first year of Erik ten Hag’s management but criticised his current form.

Pointing to Rashford’s prominent role and salary at the club, Goldbridge underscored the expectation for him to deliver on the pitch.

He also mentioned the potential emergence of young talent like Alejandro Garnacho, questioning Rashford’s role if the newcomer were to perform consistently.

Goldbridge emphasised, “There’s absolutely no way he’s up for sale and we didn’t even mention that so it’s an overreaction from a player that really in my opinion should be focusing on Manchester United, training and getting himself back in form and not spending time on Twitter because I don’t think the likes of Kevin De Bruyne and top players do that.”

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