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Manchester United’s plans if Mason Greenwood stays has been revealed

Man Utd’s plans regarding Mason Greenwood revealed.

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Greenwood, at the age of 21, hasn’t stepped onto the field for Manchester United since his arrest in January 2022 following the emergence of a controversial video on social platforms, suggesting a potential sexual assault.

The subsequent police inquiry led to charges of attempted rape, assault causing actual bodily harm, and controlling and coercive behaviour against him. In response, Greenwood firmly denied all these charges. With a trial date set for the end of the year, the charges were dropped at the start of February and the Crown Prosecution Service said “a combination of the withdrawal of key witnesses and new material meant there was no longer a realistic prospect of conviction.”

And now latest reports from The Athletic suggest that, if Greenwood remains with the team, Manchester United has considered a multi-stage plan for his return. This would involve the young player undergoing counselling, coupled with the potential of him participating in a televised interview where he would be questioned about the circumstances that led him to this juncture.

The final call on this matter is believed to lie with the club’s chief executive, Richard Arnold, based on a comprehensive review by the management, as per insights from The Athletic.

While the club has expressed its intent to consider fans’ perspectives, there is an increasing sentiment that Greenwood may continue his tenure with Manchester United, as per The Athletic’s report. This has ignited mixed reactions among the fanbase.

Numerous supporters on social media argue that Greenwood should be reintegrated into the team, emphasizing that the legal case against him fell apart and he hasn’t been found guilty of any wrongdoing.

Currently on suspension with full remuneration, Greenwood has been following a personalized training routine away from the team’s main training facilities. Although legally he’s free from the case, some detractors argue this isn’t enough, referencing other instances where he might have tarnished the club’s image.

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