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Qatar Edge Forward With a £6 Billion Offer for United

Recent reports are indicating that the last few weeks have been a crucial period of time for the sale of Manchester United.

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Joel and Avram Glazer
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Reports from Neil Custis of The Sun state that in the past few weeks, Qatar have stepped in front of their rivals with an increased bid for United.

A window of time for when the sale will actually take place has been established too. The Glazers are expecting with Qatar’s improved bid to get the deal done by November.

News on the matter has been sparse in the past month with the media focusing on transfer activity.

This may be the first breakthrough towards finalising the sale of United.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe

Sir Jim Ratcliffe does not have the same level of wealth to match Qatar’s offer, but he is seeking a part acquisition of the club, not 100% ownership.

By aiming to keep the Glazers as minority shareholders, Ratcliffe is attempting to overcome Qatar’s wealth.

His INEOS group remain confident in their bid for United, although fans fear that, should he be successful, the Glazers would still retain much of their influence within the English giants.

Sheikh Jassim and the Qatari Bid

This reported new bid could potentially force the Glazers into a full sale due to its size.

It seems the Glazers are holding out for an incredibly large sum of money, and the £6 billion now on offer seems to hit that criteria. Custis claims that Sheikh Jassim’s team are already doing their due diligence on their final formal offer, while also revealing that the “sale [is] now close”.

Reports from more reliable sources are yet to be seen confirming the latest bid.

It appears that the Red Devils will be heading into another season with the Glazers at the helm, but how much longer they will be at Old Trafford is unknown.

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