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Manchester United in talks to buy golf club after Sir Jim Ratcliffe investment

The Red Devils are making some major changes.

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Image Credits: Instagram @highleghpark

Under the new stewardship of Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Manchester United is setting the stage for major changes, beginning with plans to relocate from their Carrington training base.

The club’s new owners have identified the need for a more expansive facility, deeming the current location inadequate for future growth.

According to the Daily Mail, the club is currently engaged in discussions to purchase a golf club in South Manchester. To meet the club’s requirements, the new site must encompass at least 100 acres of land suitable for development.

Negotiations are underway for the acquisition of High Legh Golf Club located in Knutsford. Despite ongoing talks, a final deal has not been cemented.

The golf club, which is conveniently situated close to where several United players reside in Cheshire, appears to fulfill several criteria for the club.

This club features an 18-hole championship course, a smaller nine-hole course, a floodlit driving range with 24 bays, and additional amenities including a golf store, a clubhouse bar, and a restaurant.

Acquired by Warrington-based American Golf in 2021 for £2.7 million, High Legh Golf Club was put up for sale the following year.

United’s Carrington base, despite various upgrades over time, is reportedly not up to par with the facilities of other top clubs like Manchester City and Tottenham. Issues such as inadequate parking at Carrington, which often leads to frustration among the staff, have been highlighted.

Cristiano Ronaldo, in a candid interview with Piers Morgan, had previously expressed dissatisfaction with the club’s facilities, noting minimal changes since his initial departure in 2009.

While all possibilities are being considered, including maintaining a presence at Carrington, which has been United’s base since 1999, the club’s preference is to consolidate all operations, including the women’s team and academy, at a single training site.

The financial aspect of this potential move is yet to be clarified. With Ratcliffe poised to take control of football operations following his 25 percent investment in the club, the responsibility for funding the new training ground is still a point of deliberation between him and the Glazer family.

Ratcliffe’s commitment to invest £250 million in the club has been made public, but the financing of the new training facility remains a contentious issue.

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