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Manchester United Supporters Group Plan Protests Against the Glazers

Manchester United supporter group, The 1958, is planning on leading two anti-Glazer protests as the Premier League season kicks off.

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Reports from the Manchester Evening News indicate that The 1958 plan on doing a 60-minute Glazer-out sit-in after the Nottingham Forest game at Old Trafford later this month.

The reports also outline a protest before United’s opening game against Wolves on the 14th of August.

Quotes from The 1958 via Manchester Evening News:

“We want to chant, make a statement and we want a resolution. We want to know what is going on with our club and we want to know if they are going to sell. We want them to sell.”

“18 years of ignorance, 18 years they have said nothing to us. 18 years they have lied to us and 18 years they have destroyed our club.”

What are the plans?

How detrimental these protests will be remains to be seen, however if done right it shows a clear image to the Glazers of what fans want.

The club will prepare to handle the protest as it gains coverage across the media.

A 60-minute sit-in will bring safety concerns. Security and marshals will stay behind with the protesters as they can not be left unattended inside the stadium.

This alone will not be enough to remove the Glazers, but with the domestic season soon to kick off consistent protests and disruption may help force the Glazers out.

What has protesting done for United in the past?

United fan protests have had dramatic effects on the club in the past. Most notably the Super League protests before a fixture against Liverpool was due to kick off on the 2nd of May 2021.

Fans had surrounded Old Trafford and swarmed the pitch before team buses could even arrive.

Subsequently, the massive game against Liverpool was called off and United soon pulled out of the Super League.

As a collective, United fans have proven they are powerful and will look to use that power in further Glazer-out protests.

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