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Manchester United facing UEFA ban

UEFA has this nifty rule where two clubs owned by the same person or conglomerate cannot both participate in the UEFA competition. 

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UEFA has this nifty rule where two clubs owned by the same person or conglomerate cannot both participate in the  same UEFA competition.

What this rule stipulates is were two teams to both make it into the UEFA Europa League, or Champions League for that matter, only one of them would be allowed to participate.

Following Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s and INEOS’ 28% investment in United, the British billionaire and his INEOS outfit now co-own two European outfits in United and French side Nice.

Both Nice and Manchester United look set to qualify for the Europa League. Nice are fifth, and Manchester United are currently in 6th.

UEFA’s crackdown on multi-club ownership stipulates that the highest ranking team will be given priority, which means if the season were to end this way, United would drop to the UEFA Conference League.

To be allowed to compete in the same European competition, INEOS would need to prove to UEFA that there is enough detachment between the two clubs. They will have until June 3 to show UEFA that is the case.

It however may not be a simple enough issue, as Samuel Luckhurst explains.

“If both teams qualify for the same competition then UEFA are likely to open proceedings against them, with the case referred to the CFCB, but there is a reluctance to kick clubs out of Europe, which is why they have worked with those involved in previous cases to find a solution. They are likely to lay down a series of conditions that INEOS must meet concerning the running of United and NICE.”

Ratcliffe was quizzed last month on a potential issue around multi-club ownership preventing either United or Nice from playing in Europe next season, and was insistent it wouldn’t be a problem.

“No, there are no circumstances upon which an ownership of Nice would prevent Manchester United from playing in the Champions League. I’ll be crystal clear on that,” he said.


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