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David Beckham offered Manchester United role in latest tactic to oust Glazers

Beckham set to be offered a role if Shiekh Jassim’s takeover bid is successful.

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In a developing story from Manchester, reports are coming in that football legend David Beckham could potentially join the Manchester United leadership under Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani, should the Qatari financier’s acquisition bid be successful. The buzz surrounding the club’s sale has been ongoing for nearly a year since the Glazer family indicated their intention to part with the club. Two significant contenders in the acquisition race have emerged: Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Sheikh Jassim.

While many fans have expressed frustration at the Glazers due to the lack of clarity about the club’s sale, there are rumblings that Ratcliffe might pivot his approach. Insider chatter suggests that Ratcliffe could modify his proposal to obtain a minority stake, allowing the Glazers to hold on to a majority stake.

On the other side of this takeover tussle, the Qatari faction remains steadfast in their ambition to secure total ownership of Old Trafford. Intriguingly, they seem poised to tap into Beckham’s sway in their bid.

Recent report from talkSPORT suggests Beckham has been in communication with the Qatari group, who’ve encouraged the former Man Utd star to amplify his endorsement for their bid. It’s been hinted that should their bid triumph, Beckham could be offered a prestigious role as an ‘International Ambassador’ for the club.

Regarding the financials, it’s been disclosed that the Qatari bid is approximately £5 billion. However, this sum doesn’t meet the Glazers’ valuation, who believe the club is closer to a £6 billion figure. Some critics argue that this assessment might be a stretch given the club’s existing debts and the condition of their facilities.

Beckham, ever-passionate about his former club, is pushing for a prompt resolution. In a recent interaction with Sky Sports, he shared, “It’s a difficult time at the moment but there’s a lot of noise around the club at the moment, so it can’t be easy for him. We all want that noise to go away and we all want a decision to be made for the club, for the fans, for the players, and for the manager as well… we’re number one, and we want to be back at the top.” He hinted at having insights on the ideal leadership for the club, but remained coy about endorsing Sheikh Jassim directly, remarking, “Ah, we’ll see.”

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