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Liverpool held serious interest in signing Jadon Sancho

Liverpool’s missed opportunity with Jadon Sancho comes to light as his struggles under Erik ten Hag at Manchester United continue.

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Image Credits: Football Daily YouTube

In a recent column for CaughtOffSide, Liverpool’s past interest in Manchester United’s Jadon Sancho was brought to the limelight.

Noted LFC journalist, Neil Jones, delved deep into Sancho’s underwhelming performance since his move to Old Trafford, especially given his sterling record at Borussia Dortmund.

Recalling Liverpool’s scouting endeavours, Jones disclosed, “Liverpool had keenly observed Sancho during his standout days at Borussia Dortmund. Yet, the Reds pivoted their attention towards the likes of Diogo Jota and Luis Diaz. These players, albeit lesser-known and more budget-friendly, have indeed been revelations for the club.”

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Sancho’s lackluster phase at Manchester United is in sharp contrast to the exceptional talent he exhibited at Dortmund. Jones expressed his astonishment, stating, “The overwhelming anticipation was for Sancho to make a significant mark at Manchester United. However, the current scenario is baffling, casting doubts on his future at the club, particularly if Erik ten Hag’s tenure persists.”

Jones offered a pointed critique of Ten Hag, “Ten Hag’s public admission of disappointment with Sancho has been questionable. Such a stance not only escalates the narrative around Sancho’s performance but also potentially undercuts United’s position should they contemplate a future sale. With the massive investment United made in Sancho, their current returns are undoubtedly disheartening.”

Highlighting the contentious relationship between Ten Hag and Sancho, Jones asserted, “Erik ten Hag might perceive his public reproach as a desperate bid to galvanize Sancho. Yet, Sancho’s ensuing reactions depict a different picture. It seems both parties are on different wavelengths. The aftermath? Sancho remains benched, Ten Hag is bereft of an essential player, and United witnesses the depreciation of a prized possession by the week.”

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