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Left-back reveals he was “close” to signing for Manchester United

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Ajax’s promising talent, Anass Salah-Eddine, has shared insights into a pivotal moment in his career when he had the opportunity to join Manchester United. However, he ultimately chose Ajax, a decision influenced by their reputation for nurturing young talent.

Salah-Eddine, in his own words, disclosed this critical juncture in his career path. His journey began with AZ Juvenil in 2008, leading him to Ajax where he progressed through the youth teams, including the U17s, U19s, and Ajax B. Following a loan stint at FC Twente, he broke into Ajax’s first team this season.

In the current season, as a left-back, Salah-Eddine has made a notable impact in the first team. With 12 appearances across various competitions, he has contributed one goal and two assists in 528 minutes of play.

Ajax, known for their emphasis on developing young players, particularly after a challenging period in transfers, sees Salah-Eddine as a potential future star. He reflects on what might have been, mentioning his near move to Manchester United in the past.

He spoke about his time at AZ Juvenil, praising their holistic approach to developing young athletes, which covered not only football skills but also education, sleep, and nutrition. Choosing Ajax, he felt, was a step up in the Netherlands.

Salah-Eddine recalls, “At that age, I wasn’t pushed. It was more like, what is best for you. I was close to going abroad, to Manchester United.” These words from Salah-Eddine illustrate the thoughtful decision-making process that has shaped his promising career.

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