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Journalist provides update on Jadon Sancho’s intentions

Ben Jacobs was speaking to GiveMeSport on the matter

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A lot has been spoken about recently around the future of Jadon Sancho.

Many pundits have questioned whether the player will stay at the club, with most predicting that the manager will want to remove him from the club due to his response to being dropped.

But there have not been many reports on what the player, himself, wants to do.

Until now.

Journalist Ben Jacobs was speaking to GiveMeSport on the Sancho situation and provided some interesting thoughts on what Sancho is currently thinking.

“I think Jadon Sancho was very disappointed by Erik ten Hag’s comments that he, effectively, didn’t perform in training and that’s why he wasn’t in the Arsenal squad.

“Erik ten Hag is equally disappointed to see an immediate response in public.

“I suppose you can look at it both ways because if a manager can say what he thinks about a player in public, then a player may argue he’s entitled to respond.

“But we sort of saw this in very different circumstances with Cristiano Ronaldo, where the whole saga and fallout between Erik ten Hag, Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United played out in public.

“Erik ten Hag won a lot of plaudits for how he handled that situation. We know that ten Hag is sometimes quite firm, but largely seen by the Manchester United squad as fair in his actions as well.

“I think that Jadon Sancho now has to use the international break to do a bit of soul-searching and Manchester United will deal with the situation internally.

“Ten Hag and Sancho will speak and try to cool things off.

“In a weird way, it might benefit Sancho because these type of incidents, and a manager calling you out for not training with the right application, almost provoke a response which might benefit all parties.

“Sancho, who still wants to stay at Manchester United, may be even more galvanised now to prove his manager wrong.”

The key part of those comments was the last sentence.

According to Jacobs, despite all the things that have been said, Sancho still wants to stay at United.

This likely explains why the attacker turned down a move to Saudi in the dying moments of their summer transfer window.

United fans will be hoping that Sancho is able to prove himself to the management and show on the pitch how determined he is to continue playing at Old Trafford.

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