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Journalist provides update on INEOS and 92 Foundation current position

With frustration building within fans,journalist Ben Jacobs has an update on the stance of the two parties bidding for the club.

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The potential takeover of Manchester United is being a cause of concern for Utd fans.

Fans were hoping that a new owner would have been at the helm and would be leading the charge when it came to new signings for this upcoming season. Alas, it was not meant to be and there’s still no update on when this will be wrapped up.

Despite a report earlier this week that there would be an imminent decision from the Glazer family, nothing has come forward as yet. With frustration building within fans, there has been speculation that the potential bidders were also getting frustrated at how slow things are moving.

Football journalist Ben Jacobs has provided an update on the stance of the two parties bidding for the club.

Speaking to FootballFancast, Jacobs confirmed that while there is frustration on the part of both INEOS and Ninety Two Foundation, there are currently no plans for either Sir Jim Ratcliffe or Sheikh Jassim to pull out of the running to take control of Manchester United.

“So this is now less about specific timescales and more about the group’s understanding what the Glazers’ true intentions are”, said Jacobs.

“There’s no indication that either group at this stage is going to pull out and that will remain the case unless perhaps one of them feels like they are a stalking horse in all of this.

“In other words, they don’t stand a realistic chance of winning and that’s the first clue in a takeover of this magnitude. We saw this with Chelsea, too; when a group feels that they’ve lost, they tend to be one of the first to come forward and speak about the situation, so we actually might learn more information via the Manchester United sale process from a group who either feels they’re out the race or is out the race or pulls out the race.

“At this stage, both Ratcliffe and Jassim remain in the process and that’s why the situation is unclear.”

So it seems that neither bidder has been put off by the way that the Glazers have conducted their business in the sale so far. Whether that will continue to be the case remains to be seen. Jacobs suspects that neither side will remove themselves from the running unless they’re given a clear indication that they’re not going to get the club.

This means that United fans have some hope that the new owners will see this through to the end and bring about the end of the Glazer ownership of the club.

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