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Jamie Carragher takes fresh shot at United signing of Casemiro

Carragher compares the signing to recent big-money-acquisitions of Arsenal and Chelsea in the same position on the pitch.

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Jamie Carragher has today taken a fresh shot at Manchester United’s decision to sign Casemiro in August 2022.

In today’s Telegraph, Carragher writes that he believes Casemiro to be purely a short-term fix, comparing the signing to recent big-money-acquisitions of Arsenal and Chelsea in the same position on the pitch.

The former enemy-turned-best-friend of Gary Neville highlighted that the signing from Real Madrid was reactive, an impulse purchase made after several failed attempts at obtaining their #1 target, Frenkie de Jong.

His comments could land as hard truths for Man United fans however, as he points out that;

“Given Casemiro has four years left on a reported £300,000-a-week Old Trafford contract, United still have a massive financial commitment on their hands.

It has already cost them the chance to buy a younger alternative.”

And Jamie is not wrong.

Casemiro, as class as he clearly is, will very likely be producing a lesser “version” of himself post-Real Madrid.

And that’s fine.

The reason for Jamie highlighting this issue however is clear, as the teams around Manchester United look to strengthen their central midfield for the long term, United seem destined to spin plates a little longer until they commit to committing.

Stick to a plan, recruit smart and target players that you build a squad around – is the simple message Jamie is giving United.

One that Gary Neville believes, as he too criticised the performance of some United stars after the opening game of the season.

With Spurs coming up, Jamie issued a warning to Manchester United:

“Ten Hag will need an answer before Saturday’s trip to Tottenham. Spurs are at the start of a new era but it is not the easiest stadium to go to and United will suffer if their midfield is so open.

Longer-term, it needs a special player to fix that.”

With news still coming that ten Hag isn’t finished yet in the transfer window, we could still see the likes of Amrabat in the Premier League for the Red Devils – but as the transfer window draws to an end, we’re left waiting and wondering whether we’re still putting old bandages on wounds that require surgery.

We’re one game into the season, with one win on the board.

However, our central midfield is less than convincing and our strikers haven’t left the paddocks yet.

“Casemiro was too often isolated and lacked the dynamism and energy required for such a responsible position.”, says Carragher.

And he’s not wrong.

But, as we’ve heard several times now since his arrival – Eric ten Hag has a plan, so let’s let him cook.

“Casemiro was once as good as anyone in the world at that.

“Now there is a danger United may have an expensive luxury they cannot afford.

“They will not be title contenders until they find a Rodri, Caicedo or Rice of their own.”

2 weeks remain of the Summer transfer window – can we become title contenders if we truly fix our midfield?

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