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Jamie Carragher pokes fun at Gary Neville after the latter’s surprising on-air admission

Jamie Carragher amusingly made a playful jab at his Sky Sports colleague Gary Neville.

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In an amusing turn of events on Sky Sports, Jamie Carragher couldn’t resist poking fun at Gary Neville after the Manchester United icon embarrassingly confessed to not recognising Harry Styles during a live broadcast.

Before the game against Luton Town, the unexpected presence of Harry Styles, the former One Direction member and noted United supporter, at Kenilworth Road grabbed attention. Neville, caught off-guard by Styles’ polished appearance, shared on air that he mistakenly believed the pop star was a director’s son from Luton Town due to his smart attire.

Neville humorously recounted his mistake, stating, “I’ve got to get into the studio and try and resurrect the fact I didn’t recognise Harry Styles before the game because I’ve never seen him dress so smartly,” during the Sky Sports segment. He added, thinking Styles was a director’s son, showing his astonishment at not recognising the singer initially.

“He walked in with the Luton owners and I thought he was actually one of the director’s sons.

“[Did he recognise me?] No! Not that I’d want him to recognise me, he’s a United fan, so he may have done.

“I’m totally embarrassed, I’m shocked. My two girls will be horrified, mortified with me. I’m really sorry, Harry, I really am.”

The candid admission sparked laughter, with Neville jokingly expressing concern over his daughters’ reaction to his oversight, apologising to Styles for the mix-up.

The playful exchange was further highlighted when Sky Sports posted the interview clip on their official X account, leading Carragher to quickly chime in. Carragher shared a photo featuring himself, Neville, and Styles, further fueling the lighthearted banter among fans and viewers, showcasing Styles did, in fact, recognise Neville, contrary to the latter’s initial unawareness.

This episode not only provided a humorous moment but also showcased the camaraderie between the Sky Sports pundits, leaving fans amused at the playful interactions surrounding the unexpected encounter with Harry Styles.

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