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Jamie Carragher labels Andre Onana ‘disgraceful’ for Harry Maguire incident

Carragher criticised summer signing Andre Onana for his part in Maguire’s recent struggles.

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In football, the spotlight shines relentlessly on players, often revealing both their triumphs and tribulations.

One player currently under the magnifying glass is Harry Maguire, whose recent struggles have prompted concerns about his well being, both personally and professionally.

Writing for The Telegraphy, Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has described Maguire’s current situation as unsustainable saying both on and off the pitch, the England centre-back seems to be grappling with a multitude of issues, causing his career to stall.

According to Carragher, the weight of expectation, criticism, and personal challenges appear to be taking a toll on the former United captain.

The scrutiny faced by Maguire, both from fans and media, is undeniably daunting. It’s a stark reminder of the growing awareness of mental health issues in the sport.

Maguire’s confidence and authority on the field seem to have waned. He’s become an easy target for criticism, and his performances have not lived up to expectations. The England international who once commanded respect is now struggling to find his footing.

Carragher has even criticised new Man Utd signing Andre Onana for his part in Maguire’s recent struggles.

Onana went viral in July when he was seen berating Maguire after a mistake in a friendly match and Carragher was not pleased.

“One of the most distasteful incidents of all occurred during the friendly with Borussia Dortmund in July, when new signing Andre Onana started yelling at Maguire, in my view disgracefully playing to the gallery to endear himself to United fans.

“I watched that in disbelief, but it said everything about what has gone wrong.

“Maguire was still the club captain then.

“He should have reacted furiously, put Onana in his box and demanded respect.

“Instead, he has the persona of someone whose confidence and authority is utterly broken.’ said Jamie Carragher.

The pressure to perform, coupled with vocal fans, has intensified his challenges.

One cannot help but wonder if Maguire’s recent slump might have taken a different trajectory had he moved on with the chance to join West Ham United in the summer.

Even way, Carragher suggests that the negative impact of social media and online abuse on players like Maguire cannot be overstated and feels that the Cameroonian international Onana should have been looking to help his teammate rather than jumped on the bandwagon.

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