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Jadon Sancho willing to return to Manchester United on one condition

Jadon Sancho’s future at Manchester United hangs in the balance amid tensions with coach Erik ten Hag, sparking January transfer speculations.

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The ongoing disagreement between Manchester United’s star, Jadon Sancho, and the team’s coach, Erik ten Hag, continues to fuel speculation around the player’s future at the club. Despite being sidelined from first-team training since the international break in mid-September, 23-year-old Sancho remains hopeful about reviving his career at United.

According to exclusive insights from i news, Sancho is now considering a potential move in the upcoming January transfer window. Interestingly, the English striker leans towards a temporary loan spell, rather than severing ties with the club. This proposed loan move, as per i news sources, is a strategic choice that would allow Sancho to revisit his standing at Manchester United once the season wraps up, especially if there’s a change in management. The player believes that under a new coach, his prospects could be significantly brighter, given the team’s current underwhelming performance under Ten Hag.

Sancho’s intention is not to give up on his time at United yet. While he envisages a future loan spell, he envisions returning to Manchester and reassessing his situation. This stems from his belief that should the team continue its unsatisfactory streak, Ten Hag might face an ouster.

However, the current mood at Old Trafford seems to differ. Ten Hag reportedly wants Sancho out in January, viewing him as a destabilizing element in a squad that’s already under immense pressure. The Daily Mail reveals that the Dutch manager is leaning more towards facilitating Sancho’s departure, potentially with United covering part of his salary to make him more appealing to prospective teams.

A source close to Sancho shared with i news, “Jadon and Ten Hag haven’t shared much conversation post the incident. Currently, Jadon is practicing with academy players and has no touchpoints with the main squad.” They added, “At this point, a move away might be the best resolution for all involved.”

Two football giants, Juventus and Borussia Dortmund, are reportedly preparing to extend loan offers for Sancho this January. Interestingly, United too appears to favor a loan move for Sancho in the upcoming transfer window, primarily to expedite the process and ensure all parties can swiftly move forward.

Despite the grand welcome Sancho received in Manchester two years ago, the current impasse has left his future hanging in the balance. Since the incident in September, Sancho has been distant from the first-team activities. Opting against attending the senior team’s matches, he instead observes academy games during weekends. An insider described his current fitness level as “not optimal”, stressing the need for a transfer to prevent further regression.

As it stands, Sancho’s path back into the Manchester United fold seems contingent on two possibilities: either a managerial shakeup or a reconciliation with Ten Hag via an apology.

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