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iNews report that PSG are plotting Marcus Rashford transfer

According to the broadsheet, French side Paris Saint-Germain are tempted to make an offer.

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also Marcus Rashford has been making a lot of headlines recently.

After having been given some time off from training, his name was everywhere for calling in sick to training.

The reason it made so many headlines? Because he had allegedly been clubbing just hours before he was meant to be at Carrington.

Rashford had a meeting with Sir Dave Brailsford and John Murtough where it is believed he apologised for his behaviour. This has meant that the forward will be available to play against Wolves on Thursday.

Ironically, it was in the run-up to playing Wolverhampton Wanderers last season when Rashford was also disciplined. That time, it was for turning up to a meeting late. Rashford subsequently stepped up from the bench to score the winner in that game.

It is now being reported by iNews that a European heavyweight is considering an approach to sign Marcus Rashford in the summer.

Ligue 1 giants want Rashford

According to the paper, French side Paris Saint-Germain are tempted to make an offer at the end of the season.

PSG were allegedly thwarted with a move for the player last summer, before Rashford signed his new contract.

It seems that this time around, things could be different.

That’s because of a certain Kylian Mbappe.

Mbappe is widely expected to leave in the summer and join Real Madrid.

If that happens, a spot in the side in Rashford’s favoured left forward role would open up.

It seems as if PSG are trying to see whether Rashford or United are committed to each other at this stage.

With new ownership at Old Trafford, there may be a different perspective on how crucial Rashford is to the future of the club. Likewise, Rashford might see this as an opportunity to replace a household name like Mbappe and play for a club that is virtually guaranteed the league title every season.

It will be interested to see what happens in the summer. But for now, it seems that Rashford is seemingly a candidate to take the place of Mbappe in the minds of the PSG hierarchy.

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