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How much of Jadon Sancho’s wages are Dortmund actually paying?

Reports are now emerging on how much Dortmund are willing to pay to bring him back.

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It seems to be only a matter of time before it’s confirmed that Jadon Sancho will be returning to Borussia Dortmund on loan from Manchester United.

Truthfully, it hasn’t worked out for the England international since he came back home.

Whether it was under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Ralf Rangnick or Erik ten Hag, Sancho has not come close to the levels that he showed when he was in Germany.

In his first spell at Dortmund, Sancho was viewed as an elite, generational winger who was courted by the likes of Real Madrid.

He is returning, however, as someone that United have struggled to find alternate suitors for.

An indication of how much his stock has fallen has been revealed as reports are now emerging on how much Dortmund are willing to pay to bring him back.

According to The Daily Mail, Dortmund want Manchester United to pay up to a third of Sancho’s wages during this loan period.

With Sancho’s wages reported to be at around £290,000 a week, that means United will be forking out close to a whopping £100,000 a week for the player to ply his trade away from the club.

That means that United will be paying around £2.5m until the end of the season for Sancho to play elsewhere.

According to the publication, there are certain additional clauses inserted into the loan deal that will result in Dortmund paying United additional payments based on Sancho’s performances as well as the club’s qualification for the UEFA Champions League.

Sancho was rumoured to be on around £200,000 a week with Dortmund before his switch to United and it seems that the German side want to pay a similar amount now that they’re taking him back.

If this isn’t a damning indictment on United’s recruitment policy over the past few years, we’re not sure wbat is.

A club known for spending as wisely as Dortmund feel that they’re not willing to push the boat out further than what the player left for, whereas United were happy to pay almost an extra £100,000 a week for the same player.

Despite having played at a higher level in the English Premier League and under a more scrutinised club like United, Dortmund still don’t feel the need to overpay for the player.

Putting what it says about United’s recruitment to the side, many will be hoping that Sancho can hit the same levels in Germany as he did before.

Maybe a spell back there will help boost his confidence before he either returns to England to try again at United or to increase his value before a permanent transfer away from Manchester.

Either way, it seems that this loan can’t come soon enough for all parties – especially Dortmund, who seem to be getting a sweet deal for Sancho’s transfer.

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