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Harry Maguire responds to Ghanaian MP who mocked him in Parliament

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Harry Maguire, Manchester United’s football star, has gracefully accepted an apology from Ghanaian Member of Parliament Isaac Adongo.

The apology came after Adongo had used Maguire as a metaphor for poor performance in a critique of Ghana’s Vice-President Mahamadu Bawumia’s economic policies.

Last year, during a parliamentary session on the budget, Adongo drew a parallel between Bawumia’s handling of Ghana’s economic challenges and Maguire’s on-field performance for Manchester United.

Adongo’s speech, which quickly spread on social media, included a remark describing Maguire as “the biggest threat at the centre of the Manchester United defence”.

This comment was part of Adongo’s broader criticism of the economic difficulties faced by the citizens under Bawumia’s management.

However, in a recent debate concerning the 2024 budget, Adongo revised his stance on Maguire.

He acknowledged the footballer’s improved performance, stating, “I now apologise to Harry Maguire. He is a transformational footballer… now scoring goals for Manchester United.”

Maguire responded to this gesture on X, formerly known as Twitter, saying, “MP Isaac Adongo apology accepted.”

This interaction occurred on Wednesday, following Adongo’s revised comments in the budget debate.

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