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Former United and England defender criticises England manager for selecting Harry Maguire

Maguire has always been a favourite of England manager Gareth Southgate and that’s not always gone down well with observers.

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When the news of the latest England squad was dropped, there were more than a few eyebrows raised.

For one, many people were surprised to see Manchester United’s former captain Harry Maguire in the squad despite not having started a game for United all season.

Maguire has always been a favourite of England manager Gareth Southgate and that’s not always gone down well with observers.

Despite Maguire rarely letting England down when he plays for the national side, a former United defender has been critical in his response to the news.

Speaking to MyBettingSites, 1992 English Premier League winner Paul Parker suggested that Southgate risks losing the respect of his England squad if he continues to select Maguire moving forward.

“Southgate shouldn’t be picking Maguire.

“If Southgate wants the respect of his England squad then he shouldn’t be calling him up.

“It’s disrespectful to other players that are playing week in week out and playing well for their clubs whilst Southate is picking Maguire who is not deemed to be good enough for his club side and doesn’t want to go and play.”

“The public will look at Maguire in the squad and see that as unfair. He could get caught out this international break because he’s playing against players that are playing week in week out. They’re sharper.”

Offering the name of Crystal Palace’s Marc Guehi as an alternative option for Southgate, Parker suggests previous England managers would have dealt with Maguire differently.

“A Bobby Robson, Terry Venables or a Kevin Keegan would have talked to Maguire and told them why they’ve been dropped.

“There are some seriously good left sided defenders, proper left sided defenders that can do a job. Marc Guehi, for example, uses his left foot like a wand but is right footed.”

“People say Maguire has done well for England but he’s not been massively outstanding.

“England aren’t the most expansive team. They sit very, very deep when he plays so we absorb pressure because of that.”

“People at the club may be looking at him and tutting. The captaincy has gone and yet he still wants to be there.

“Players from my era and before wouldn’t accept that. They would want to get away and people would respect them for that.”

It seems that Southgate wasn’t the only one that Parker was critical of. The former United right-back criticised Maguire himself for still saying at the club despite it being clear that Erik Ten Hag doesn’t fancy him as his first choice centre back.

“His career at the moment should be on hold.

“He hasn’t played regular football for a long, long time.

“He’s happy to sit on the bench and get money in. Why doesn’t he show a bit of endeavour and sign a contract with financial incentives to show he’s got a point to prove?”

Some strong words there from Parker.

Despite his criticisms, it’s highly probable that Maguire will start for England in the upcoming international fixtures and the player himself will be hoping that Raphael Varane’s most recent injury will open the door for him to get more opportunities for United in the coming weeks.

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