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Football finance expert Kieran Maguire suggests Manchester United to sign Dan Ashworth at any cost

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In a recent discussion with Football Insider, football finance expert Kieran Maguire emphasized the importance for Manchester United of securing Dan Ashworth’s services, regardless of the cost.

Maguire’s analysis comes amidst reports that Newcastle United, Ashworth’s current employers, are expecting a significant compensation for his departure, estimated in the seven-figure range.

Ashworth, who Newcastle United had earlier acquired from Brighton, has been labeled as a “prized asset” by Maguire.

This assessment is founded on Ashworth’s reputation for being a reliable executive who deeply understands a club’s broader objectives. Maguire’s comments reflect on Ashworth’s time at both Newcastle and Brighton, where he was highly valued, leading to substantial compensation for his move.

Maguire opines that despite the high cost, a figure around £5 million would be a “bargain” for Manchester United, considering the potential to overhaul their transfer strategy.

He pointed out the club’s spending post-Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, suggesting that a more strategic approach in the transfer market could lead to better financial management.

“A £5 million fee is an absolute bargain if you’re going to reduce the number of duds that a club signs,” Maguire stated, stressing the value of competent leadership in football operations.

Regarding the potential transfer, Maguire mentioned to Football Insider’s Sean Fisher, “Brighton negotiated hard with Newcastle because they didn’t want to lose Dan Ashworth and I would imagine that Newcastle will take a similar position.”

He further explained that if Ashworth were to leave Newcastle, it would likely involve either a period of gardening leave or a substantial compensation to release him from this period.

This situation highlights the value placed on skilled executives like Ashworth in the football world, where strategic and informed decision-making can significantly impact a club’s success and financial health.

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