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Erik ten Hag praises the new Manchester United structure

Erik ten Hag takes to MUTV for the first time since the pre-season began to voice his thoughts on the new structure at the club.

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Over the last few months, Manchester United has undergone a major restructure of directors, with new members of staff joining the club.

Dan Ashworth has finally arrived at Old Trafford after a compensation fee of £10 million was paid by United to Newcastle to release the new sporting director from his contract.

Jason Wilcox has joined from Southampton in the technical director role with Manchester City’s Omar Berrada set to join the club in the coming days as their new CEO bringing a wealth of knowledge, hailed as “one of the most experienced football executives at the top of European football”.

Alongside this permanent team, Chelsea’s former technical director Christopher Vivell has joined on a short-term contract focused on supported with recruitment, an area he’s become an expert in after time with the RedBull clubs Salzburg and Leipzig.

Erik ten Hag has also seen his contract extended until 2026, now taking to MUTV for the first time since the pre-season began to voice his thoughts on the new structure at the club.

The Dutch manager has expressed his excitement for the new structure that will be providing him much more support around on-field development, claiming it was a big factor to him agreeing a contract extension. Ten Hag said: “I’m here now for two years. As I said, I came here to win, to win titles, trophies. We won two trophies, after a dry [spell] of six years, so we are in a good direction. Now, with the new ownership coming in, they can help us. They are very supportive.”

He continued: “We’ve made a process, which we’ve constructed across the summer and we are in a very good position, a very strong position to go and attack. We are so pleased that around the football, around the first team, we have a strong structure that will help us,

“They are really supportive and that will help us in many ways, like in scouting and recruitment, in the departments of medical and performance. They will be so supportive and that will raise the bar.”

It’s clear that the United manager is looking forward to the rest of his time at Old Trafford with what this new structure can offer the club, helping them reach their former heights at the top of world football.

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