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Erik ten Hag opens up on Marcus Rashford’s form

Erik ten Hag has admitted Marcus Rashford can do better after his slow start.

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Manchester United’s team is continuously delivering uninspiring displays, disappointing their manager, supporters, and tarnishing the revered emblem they sport on their jerseys. Marcus Rashford, the notable forward, stands out as a representation of the ongoing issues within the club. His stellar performance in the previous season saw him netting 30 goals, a career pinnacle that led to a rewarding new contract.

However, post-inking the substantial £400,000-a-week contract, there’s been a noticeable dip in Rashford’s sharpness. His subpar decision-making and apparent lack of effort have begun to irk the supporters. Reports from The Mirror indicate that insiders from the club are expressing worry over Rashford’s demeanour during matches, depicting him as progressively disheartened.

Erik ten Hag, adding his perspective, has openly conveyed that there is room for improvement for Rashford after his lacklustre commencement to the season.

In a dialogue, Ten Hag commented, “I think he knows he can do better than he does now,” articulating his assurance about Rashford’s forthcoming improvements. “and I am sure it will come.

“He works hard and that is what he is doing. He will net, he will finish and it will come but it is not going to be automatic.

“He has to invest a lot, the team has to invest a lot around him. Today, we were in the right positions but the decision-making was not good enough and then we don’t score.”

This unaltered feedback from the coach highlights the anticipated enhancement in both Rashford’s individual performance and the collective decision-making of the team, which, as of now, is evidently inadequate, leaving the fans and the badge they wear wanting more.

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