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Eddie Howe issues an update on Dan Ashworth joining Manchester United

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In the latest developments at Newcastle, Eddie Howe, the team’s head coach, revealed that Dan Ashworth, the club’s sporting director, has not communicated his intentions amidst Manchester United’s interest. United, under the new potential ownership of Sir Jim Ratcliffe, sees Ashworth as a key figure to spearhead a comprehensive restructuring at Old Trafford.

Howe, when queried about Ashworth’s commitment to Newcastle, admitted receiving no assurances from Ashworth about his desire to stay. Furthermore, Howe confirmed the absence of any official communication regarding Ashworth’s future, despite rampant speculation. He noted, “No,” when asked if Ashworth had expressed a desire to remain, and added that there had been “Nothing” in terms of updates, underscoring the lack of contact from any parties involved.

Asked is there has been any update on Ashworth’s future, Howe said: “Nothing, as far as I’m aware. Obviously it’s been in the news a lot and usually with these things, that means something’s going to happen. But as we speak now, we’ve had no contact from anyone.”

He added: “It’s an unusual situation. I’m used to speculation around players but this is different. Hopefully, there’s a quick solution.

“It’s a difficult one when you’re in that role, you need longevity to actually see the fruits of your labour. People have done it best in the Premier League with a period of stability. It takes a long time to get those processes right. Let’s see what happens.

“Football always moves on very quickly and I say that regarding the manager’s position. Newcastle is a huge football club and will continue to work in a very efficient way. We’ve got some very capable people here, in all departments, so we carry on.

“There has to be a succession plan. For everyone. There is a strategy from the board above.”

Despite the ongoing speculation surrounding Ashworth, Howe remains confident in the capability of Newcastle’s staff across all departments to continue operating effectively. He reiterated the club’s commitment to efficiency and the strategic planning overseen by the board, hinting at the broader continuity and resilience of the club amidst individual changes.

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