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Dimitar Berbatov suggests Rasmus Hojlund to improve one thing at Manchester United

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Rasmus Hojlund’s recent performances have caught the attention of Dimitar Berbatov, who has pointed out areas for improvement for the Manchester United striker.

Hojlund, a Danish international, has managed to score in consecutive Premier League games for the first time, marking a potential upturn in his form at Old Trafford.

Despite his success in the league against teams like Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur, Hojlund faced challenges during Manchester United’s latest FA Cup victory against Wigan, where he struggled to find the back of the net.

Former Manchester United forward Berbatov acknowledges that Hojlund’s back-to-back goals in the Premier League will boost his confidence. Nevertheless, he has advised Hojlund that to elevate his performance, he needs to refine his positioning skills.

Berbatov’s insight comes from his own experience as a top striker and reflects his belief in Hojlund’s potential to lead Manchester United’s attack more effectively.

“I’ve said before that once Hojlund has his first Premier League goal, he needed to follow it up with more. I’m very happy that he scored against Spurs and it was a good goal to be honest,” Berbatov said.

“I hope he’ll keep scoring. Aside from his goal, he needs to work on his positioning because sometimes Bruno Fernandes or Rashford have the ball and he’s not been in the right place to receive it.

“Rashford needed his goal and I hope it gives him more confidence. He can bring so much more to the table with his sharpness and movement. Everyone expects so much more from him and he needs to be a leader. He’s one of the longest-serving players in that team now so he needs to lead by example.”

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