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David Ornstein comments on Sheikh Jassim buying Liverpool Football Club

Sheikh Jassim steps back from Manchester United purchase, sparking speculation about his next move in the football world.

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Image Credits: Tribune/Getty Images

Despite expectations, Sheikh Jassim has decided against acquiring Manchester United from the Glazers.

With the Qatari magnate stepping back, it appears that Jim Ratcliffe may be stepping in as a minority stakeholder at Old Trafford.

While many might presume that Sheikh Jassim’s withdrawal from the Manchester United deal indicates his retreat from football investments, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Following the stalled Manchester United deal, there have been whispers suggesting Sheikh Jassim might set his sights on Liverpool, ostensibly as a way to retaliate for the failed negotiations. However, respected pundit David Ornstein, speaking on FIVE, provided a different perspective.

He stated, “People have said he should pivot to Liverpool to rub salt in the wounds of Manchester United fans, but I have no knowledge of them going anywhere else and there are reports from credible journalists – and these will be briefings from Sheikh Jassim’s camp, that they’re not focusing on another club at this point in time, of course that can change.”

Liverpool might not be on Sheikh Jassim’s radar at the moment, but given his clear intent to make a mark in the football world, it wouldn’t be a shock to see him venture into another big club deal soon.

Considering the stature of clubs available for investment, options are limited.

Teams like Manchester City, Newcastle, Manchester United, and Chelsea remain firmly under the control of their current owners. Arsenal’s ownership, under the Kroenkes, has shown no inclination towards selling.

And while Tottenham might be more amenable to a change in ownership, the prestige gap between them and a club like Liverpool is undeniable.

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