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David Beckham speaks on Sheikh Jassim’s bid and his role in it

David Beckham speaks on the rumors of his involvement in Sheikh Jassim’s bid for Manchester United, emphasising the need for passionate ownership.

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In a recent interview with CNBC, football legend David Beckham clarified rumors surrounding his alleged involvement in Sheikh Jassim’s efforts to acquire Manchester United.

Beckham, who had previously represented the 2022 World Cup in Qatar as an ambassador, firmly stated he has not engaged in discussions about representing Sheikh Jassim’s takeover bid.

Acknowledging his deep-rooted ties with Qatar, Beckham reminisced about his time with Paris Saint-Germain during the 2012-13 season. PSG, as many fans know, is owned by Qatar Sports Investments.

While Sheikh Jassim stands as a prominent bidder for Manchester United, with British magnate Sir Jim Ratcliffe also in the running, speculations have been rife about Beckham supporting the Qatari bid, given his prior associations with the nation’s sports initiatives.

Beckham, now 50, addressed these rumors, asserting, “No conversations have taken place regarding an ambassadorial position for me.” He consciously avoided expressing any dissatisfaction towards the current ownership under the Glazers. However, he emphasized that the future owner should be someone deeply passionate about Manchester United.

Speaking to CNBC, Beckham elaborated, “Everyone is aware of my loyalty to Manchester United and my outspoken views about the unfolding scenario at the club over the years. I recall my early years at the club marked by consistent leadership, with figures like [Alex] Ferguson. Manchester United’s legacy as one of the world’s premier clubs is undeniable. What’s paramount now is reinstating that legacy, for the supporters, the squad, and the entire organization. Presently, the focal point needs to shift from off-field to on-field activities.”

He further added, “It’s crucial that the next ownership embodies the essence of the club and elevates it to its deserving pedestal. This is not to critique previous administrations, as we’ve achieved significant on-field successes. However, it’s an opportune moment for a transition.”

When probed about his role in the potential Qatari acquisition, Beckham reiterated, “At present, no such dialogues have taken place. My association with Qatar is principally due to my stint with PSG. The amalgamation of Manchester, my persona, and PSG naturally sparks discussions. But, to be clear, no formal conversations have occurred.”

Concluding the interview, when asked about the likelihood of Sheikh Jassim’s takeover, Beckham opined, “A shift is on the horizon. The subsequent takeover feels timely. Everyone has a perspective on the ideal successor. In my view, it should be someone deeply invested in the club’s ethos and vision.”

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