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Copenhagen manager confirms that his side are set to be without key attacker for Man Utd game tomorrow

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Manchester United fans anticipating the upcoming match against FC Copenhagen may find some relief knowing that forward Andreas Cornelius won’t be stepping onto the field.

As per Fotboll Skanalen, there’s a veil of uncertainty regarding his non-inclusion, especially since he played a pivotal role in the recent game.

To shed some light, Cornelius had a challenging phase since joining Copenhagen, encountering one injury after the other, restricting his on-field presence. Fans cheered for his return over the past weekend, marking a month since his absence. His contribution was immediately felt when he set up the game-winning goal in a 2-1 triumph against Vejle.

Considering his impactful return, many assumed that he would be on the roster traveling to face the Red Devils in the awaited Champions League bout. But, turning those assumptions on their head, Fotboll Skanalen brought attention to an official statement from the club regarding the match against Manchester United.

FC Copenhagen’s coach, Jacob Neestrup, clarified, “Andreas Cornelius will not travel to Manchester, but it has been planned for a long time and he is not injured. We believe it is necessary to exclude him from this match to ensure that his comeback is as good as possible.”

Addressing fans’ concerns, Cornelius himself gave assurance on the matter, stating, “It was planned in advance. There is nothing in it. It’s all about dosage. I can’t play three games in a week,” in his conversation with Tipsbladet.

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