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Bruno Fernandes responds to critics in Instagram post

The Portuguese player is responding to recent backlash over his position

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Taking on the captaincy position of any football club comes with its downfalls, and one of them is the criticism you face.

After Harry Maguire gave up the post, Bruno Fernandes has stepped in and taken on the role this season.

However, not everyone is happy with this move and the Portuguese player has been experiencing some backlash from pundits.

Most critics have pointed out the 28-year-olds behaviour and attitude towards other players and dramatic theatrics on the pitch.

But Fernandes has now hit back and seeimngly made his own retort via his Instagram story.

He reposted a video by account motivationaddictzz where NFL legend Deion Saunders makes a speech.

In the video, the Super Bowl champion says:

“Look at me. What about me would make you think I care about your opinion of me?

“Your opinion of me is not the opinion that I have of myself.

“You ain’t make me so you can’t break me. You didn’t build so you can’t kill me.

“You know what, God established me so ain’t nothing you can do to me.

“I been him. I been a difference maker, a game changer. I been that guy. So what would change?

“Not a darn thing. I am not even playing the game and you got an opinion of me.

“I love it but I don’t care and I wish the world thought like that.

“Youngsters, if you’re out there right now, do not give a darn what opinion people have of you, as long as that opinion is not consistent with of yourself. You be you.”

Fernandes took to Instagram to hit out at his critics

It’s pretty clear this clip is a response to the critics that Fernandes has been facing recently.

And the player has made it clear he does not care what others think of his leadership, and he will continue taking on the role of captain as best as he can.

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