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Antony’s ex-girlfriend’s lawyer abandons domestic abuse case against the Brazilian

Antony’s case takes a turn as his ex-girlfriend’s attorney Vanessa Souza steps down.

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In a surprising twist to the allegations against Manchester United’s star Antony, Vanessa Souza, the attorney representing his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin, has decided to step down from the domestic abuse case, as reported by the Telegraph’s James Ducker.

Cavallin has previously claimed that she was subjected to physical assault by Antony multiple times, both in Manchester and in their home country, Brazil. The 23-year-old footballer, however, has refuted these claims.

In light of these allegations, Manchester United had placed Antony on a temporary leave in September. Nevertheless, he has been reinstated to the team as investigations by the police continue.

Upon Antony’s return to the pitch, Manchester United’s manager, Erik ten Hag, confirmed that Antony had shown complete cooperation during the investigations and hasn’t faced any formal charges. Ten Hag stated, “Our thoughts were naturally with him throughout this period, and the severity of the allegations was not lost on us. The leave was granted to manage the situation, and Antony diligently collaborated with the law enforcement agencies in both Brazil and Manchester.”

The latest development reveals that Souza, who was representing Cavallin during her time in the UK, has chosen to recuse herself from the case. When approached by the Brazilian media outlet, Metropoles, Souza cited “personal reasons” for her decision.

On the other hand, Cavallin confirmed her recent visit to the Greater Manchester Police. She mentioned, “I did visit the police station, but I chose a different time than what was initially communicated. This was mainly to sidestep any undue attention at the entrance since I’m currently by myself in the city. I plan to return soon for further discussions.”

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