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Sir Jim Ratcliffe comments on Manchester United’s facilities calling them a ‘disgrace’

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has sent an email to all Manchester United staff to highlight the lack of tidiness

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As The Athletic report, Sir Jim Ratcliffe reportedly called the untidiness of Manchester United facilities ‘a disgrace’ in email to club staff

According to the report, Sir Jim Ratcliffe has sent an email to all Manchester United staff to highlight the lack of tidiness in parts that he witnessed of the club’s Old Trafford stadium and Carrington training facilities, describing one area as a “disgrace”.

Ratcliffe, who acquired 27.7% of the club late last year through his company INEOS visited the club’s facilities earlier this week.

Following the visit, Ratcliffe sent an email to the club’s staff  which reportedly described the tidiness of the club’s IT department as a “disgrace” while adding that “frankly the dressing rooms of U18s and U21s” were not much better, verbatim.

He said that the standards of cleanliness at United’s facilities would not be acceptable at INEOS and “we are a chemical company.”

Ratcliffe reiterated that is unacceptable for an elite sporting organisation like United to not maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and tidiness, adding it gives a poor impression to visitors that include the parents of young footballers and the press.

It is the latest episode of Ratcliffe’s attempts to change the culture internally at United with a major focus on performance, standards and discipline.

According to The Athletic ‘s report, the initial response by some of the staff members was to consider the feedback scathing, but others felt such a wake up call was long over due and necessary to cut out under-performing colleagues in the organisation.

On Wednesday Ratclifee had a meeting with the staff making it clear that underperformance across an organization at INEOS would lead to treats like Christmas parties being cancelled.

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