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What is Wayne Rooney’s net worth and how much does he earn?

From record-breaking contracts to savvy investments, Wayne Rooney’s journey in football is as much about financial mastery as on-field legacy

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Former England captain Wayne Rooney has decided to take the managerial helm at Birmingham City, ushering in a new era for the club and continuing his storied career in football. Starting his journey as a prodigious 16-year-old back in 2002, Rooney rose through the ranks, achieving unprecedented success with Manchester United and etching his name in the annals of English football history. A glittering 13-year career at Old Trafford, a detour into the Major League Soccer, and a plethora of awards only scratch the surface of the legacy he’s crafted.

Rooney’s Financial Milestones

An estimation of Rooney’s net worth lands at around £170 million ($207m), a testament to his on-field prowess and off-field business acumen. Although there was an opportunity to amplify his wealth by diving into the Chinese Super League, he took a different route by returning to Everton, followed by a pivotal role at D.C. United. Derby County also benefitted from his expertise in 2020, where he transitioned from a player-manager to the main man at the touchline.

The Birmingham Contract

Post John Eustace’s departure from Birmingham City, the club has pinned its hopes on Rooney, offering him a three-and-a-half-year contract. Noteworthy is the sharp contrast between his £29,000-a-week paycheck at Birmingham and the salary peaks he experienced at D.C. United and Derby.

The Brand Rooney

His skills and star power made him a magnet for sponsors. Notable collaborations with industry giants like Nike, Harper Collins, EA Sports, and Coca-Cola brought in significant revenues. Though his potential switch to Adidas remained just a rumor, his association with Manchester United did lead to unique marketing opportunities, such as promotional stints for movies like ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ and ‘Wolverine’.

Documentary & Other Ventures

2022 witnessed the release of an Amazon Prime documentary titled ‘ROONEY’, shedding light on the footballer’s life and times. Beyond the limelight, his investment choices remain fairly discreet, ranging from backing hotels to delving into the world of NFTs with collaborations like DOSBRAK and ‘Block Asset’.

Philanthropic Goals

Rooney, along with his wife Coleen, is also renowned for his philanthropic efforts in North-west England. A whopping £1.2m was donated to multiple charitable causes following his testimonial match in 2016 against Everton. The Wayne Rooney Foundation, a charitable endeavor by the star, also aimed at amassing £5m for various causes in 2017.

2018 witnessed Rooney donning the England jersey one last time, not for glory, but for charity. In a heartwarming return against the U.S. National Team, Rooney expressed, “I am truly humbled and hugely excited to play for England at Wembley again… Playing for England was the greatest honour of my career – so winning my 120th, and final, cap will be a particularly special moment for me.”

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