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Leny Yoro speaks out after Manchester United’s successful bid

Leny Yoro turns to social media on the back on Manchester United’s successful initial offer.

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Earlier today it was reported that Manchester United have had a bid for Leny Yoro accepted by LOSC Lille.

The offer itself, valued at €50 million, has out bid existing front runners, Real Madrid, with the La Liga champions wanting to slit their offer across up front payments and add-ons, which is reportedly pushing the deal more in the favour of United.

The Red Devils are turning to Yoro alongside other key target Matthijs de Ligt to redesign the United defensive line up, with the only players who are definitely remaining at Old Trafford as Lisandro Martinz and Diogo Dalot.

Now that the offer has been accepted by Lille, all control of the move lies with the French defender, with United now set to discuss terms with Yoro and his representatives.

Now, on the back of the accepted offer, a series of fake social media accounts have been made as Yoro rejecting Manchester United.

One of these imposter accounts posted “I don’t want you Manchester United. Leave me alone.”

Yoro responded to the post by saying “Fake account. You guys are psychos. Signal this account.” meaning to report the fake user.

This marks the first time Yoro has hinted at a potential move to Old Trafford, making it challenging to determine his interest level in joining the Reds. The 18-year-old defender is among three center-backs that Manchester United are keen to integrate into their squad this summer.

Despite the ambiguity of his response, Yoro’s potential transfer could be a significant addition to United’s defensive lineup as they continue to strengthen their squad.

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